Guide & Supervision

IKO level 3N or higher required for guide.

IKO Level 2F or higher required for supervision

We offer supervision and assistance for those kiter’s who have become somewhat independent but not fully confident to kite solo yet, or are riding in a location which is difficult to launch from. Let us join you on a session and well help launch, land, and rescue you in any situation you find yourself in. Our instructors are experienced kite handlers, and have been trained in rescuing kiter’s from both in the water, and from a watercraft. We can join you in the water behind a kite or with a sea-doo watercraft to ensure your safe during your ride and not damaging your kite by crashing it in hazardous spots. While we supervise we also evaluate your riding so you can request an official certification card from us to prove your riding ability around the world.

Supervision $25/hr                                                + Photos $10/hr


Prince Edward County has many beautiful private kiteboarding spots to offer. Although the main beaches are not super crowded, you may be interested to explore the county from a kite and discover its unique surrounding geography. We offer rides to and from the launch in Prince Edward County, guidance to our destination(such as; Main Duck island, false duck island, down winder rides, Bay of Quinte).
The guide carries snacks, a CHF radio, cell phone, and other necessary safety gear.


Pricing for guided trips made custom per trip