Quietly, floating above the water with kite in hand, and a board on your feet.


Hydrofoiling is the latest progression in kiteboarding that is here to stay! A hydrofoil will take anyone back to the beginner stage, and provide new challenges and rewards when learning. Being able to learn a new aspect of kiteboarding back at the beginner stage is very exciting for everyone, and proves everyone is eager to try since hydrofoiling interest has sky rocketed in the past few years. ATKB is in love with foils, and we can not wait to introduce you too them.

A complete hydrofoil system is a board with a mast (variable lengths) that travel down to the wing beneath your board. Since water is almost 800 times more dense than air, the hydrofoil wing essentially generates 800 times more lift in the water than it would in air, but then again i never took a hydrodynamics engineering class so you'll have to check my calculations. This enables the wing to be fairly small yet still generate a surprising amount of lift that effortlessly lifts you out and above the water. 

Hydrofoiling can be quite difficult to learn becuase now where is a whole extra dimension of board control needed(pitch/ up & down). We hope to prevent all the wrong habits, and techniques beginners try when learning. We will utilize radio communication helmets, jet ski's, and our experienced instructors to get you up and riding confidently, and safely.

ATKB utilizes multiple mast lengths on our hydrofoil to get our students riding foiling even faster. We pair the in water instruction, bluetooth helmet, and various mast heights to expedite the learning process, and provide safer instruction since a fall while learning will be from a much smaller height and more easily recoverable. 

One of the most common mistake's while learning to foil is too much back foot pressure, this induces an upward drive which can cause the foil to breach the water if not corrected for quickly. This breach will cause the hydrofoil to loose lift since it is now in the less dense air (vs water), so the foil board will fall back into the water resulting in a bail, or an overcorrection as the student breaches the water again. Our teaching technic with our shorter masts will ensure you learn the proper habits, and progress as quickly as possible!