Kiteboarding is a beautiful sport that you can enjoy and participate in without any age restriction. It is easy to travel with, and offers multiple different disciplines that span every season and weather conditions, but it can be dangerous for you and others if you don't take the proper steps when first learning how to kiteboard. AirTime Kiteboarding's goal is to grow the sport of kiteboarding/kitesurfing, to those interested of all ages by teaching the sport in the most effective, enjoyable, and safety oriented manor possible. 

AirTime Kiteboarding is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario near sandbanks provincial park. We are the areas premiere kiteboarding instructional service featuring beautiful sandbanks, and warm Westlake waters. Our instructors are IKO trained and certified, this provides you with the most modern safety, and effective teaching standards to get you behind a kite and on the water in the most enjoyable way. Our beach is privately owned so we often have lots of open space to learn. We are a personalized kiteboarding instruction service with a focus on fun and safety within the sport. Utilizing one-on-one, and one-on-two lesson formats, we will be able to help you progress your kiteboarding skills, and confidence.

Anyone can book a lesson with us, we provide kiteboarding lessons to those who have never been on any kind of board before, to those who are trying their first jumps. We tailor our lessons to your needs and students of almost any age can take lessons with us but we recommend you be at least 12 years of age, somewhat fit, and comfortable swimming in water.

Our lessons will often take place on our exclusive beach on West Lake. This beach has a nice sandy bottom that extends far out into Westlake to get away from hazards (key for safe kiting). We can utilize radio helmet intercom systems to bring clear instructions to you even as you are out riding in the water. These radios increase the learning curve much faster since you will not have difficulty hearing our instructors even at a distance, or having to stop riding to receive coaching. 


How to book?

Lessons are booked based on wind conditions, and your availability. I like to use for wind predictions of the area we will be kiting. WindGuru is most accurate 5-6 days and sooner, and typically will not deviate too much from the forecasted wind speed. If the wind forecast is not the same as predicted it is still typically manageable, but ultimately it comes down to what conditions show up on the day of our lesson. 

Fill out the contact form on the contact page or email / text me a data range you are available, providing your skill level, and your restrictions for when / how we can book the lesson. You can take the initiative and check out to see which days have more than 13-14 knots and align with your availability. I provide all the gear you need, but if you have your own wetsuit/life jacket/sports wear/helmet/other gear,  that fits you comfortably and you prefer, bring it along!

I'm looking forward to meeting you 🙂