Kiteboarding Lessons

- Lets learn to kiteboard in the most fun, safe, effective way possible

Trained and Certified Instructor

After our lessons the goal is that you will be able to feel confident kiteboarding independently, and continuing the learning progression. If you are brand new to kiteboarding our first lesson will include weather and location-checks for hazards, a standard 4-line kite setup, flying skills of a trainer kite, quick release safety features, safety, launching & landing, flying with easier short lines, basic right of way, and you get to rent a trainer kite to take home if you choose

We definitely encourage you bring a friend to learn kiteboarding with, and take lessons together as you may have more fun developing along side a buddy, and will be encouragement to futher progress your skill. It is also very beneficial since when you leave the lesson you will now automatically have someone you can trust to launch and land kites with you. Launching and landing kites from the beach/launch area is a critical skill to do safely, this is where the majority of accidents occur due to lack of knowledge and/or not having a buddy to help launch and land. Lesson rates per person when you bring is reduced.

It generally takes 9 hours of lessons to be fully independent as a safe rider who can confidently go out and ride alone, if you already have a considerable amount of experience with other water sports it many only take 3 hours. Some do take longer and that is completely normal, we tailer each lesson to your strengths and weakness's and we do reduce the hourly rate slightly as we approach and pass the 9 hour lesson mark. 

Our lessons offer a private beach for learning that typically (water level dependent) have a nice shallow sandy bottom that stretches out into Westlake in Prince Edward County. We have bluetooth radio helmets to aid in teaching, and a seadoo coach boat when the student becomes more intermediate to aid in water lessons.

If you are not very confident on a board it could be very beneficial to try wakeboarding first to improve the board skills. The Westlake wakeboarding school is definitely the best place to take some wakeboarding lessons. Can't beat their gear, or experienced instructors.

Our instructors are IKO trained, and certified we will provide you with an IKO certification card after each lesson. These certifications are globally recognized and can allow you access to your online IKO profile, rent gear, and ride at private beaches around the world. The certifications are organized into 3 levels. Each level can be completed in approximately one lesson (3 hours), give or take for each student's individual learning style. Below are the three main lessons and what you can expect to learn in each:

$100/Hour one-on-one Lesson 

$80/Hour per person bring a friend Lesson

Level 1 Intro and Basic Flying Skills

  • Choosing a safe spot
  • general ethics of using the beach
  • Rigging
  • Safety Safety Safety, and safety quick releases, what to do if something goes wrong.
  • Safety, let go of the bar, use of re-ride and use leash
  • Introduction of up wind and down wind / port and starboard
  • Red = port / green = starboard
  • Discovery of wind window edge 10, 11,12 1 and 2 o'clock
  • Self Rescue confidently
  • Flying skills hooked in harness, one hand. Piloting port and starboard. Discover launching and landing / learn about the gust and lulls
  • De-rigging gear

Level 2 Intermediate Kiteboarding Lessons

  • One handed body drags with board
  • One handed body drags upwind to retrieve board
  • Water starts with an upstroke
  • Water starts with a downstroke
  • Relaunching the kite in the water
  • Right of way in the water
  • How to land kite in water, how to crash
  • First rides, getting ontop of the water
  • How to stop using the kite, stopping using the board

Level 3 Independent Kiteboarding Lessons

  • Tricks for easier riding
  • Riding upwind
  • Riding downwind
  • Toe Side
  • Transitions
  • Carving turns port tack and starboard
  • Self launch
  • Looping the kite
  • Basic jumps

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